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What are the options for home recording microphones?

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Two main choices: dynamic microphone condenser microphone condenser microphone sound quality and sensitivity are basically better than dynamic microphone, condenser microphone can record more overtone elements and more details, so professional recording studios basically use condenser microphone recording .
However, if your environment is not good, such as a noisy environment and there is echo in the room, using a condenser microphone will have the opposite effect. It is easy to record noise and echo, which is a terrible thing. Therefore, if the environment is not good, a dynamic microphone is more suitable than a condenser microphone, or even a headset electret. In addition, the proximity effect characteristics of dynamic microphones are relatively obvious, which may be an advantage in some aspects, such as "very closeness."

Some people’s voices are more durable when recorded with dynamic microphones. Perhaps the mid-frequency performance of dynamic microphones has unique characteristics.

(1) If you are singing, you can choose professional large-diaphragm and medium-diaphragm condenser microphone if you want to get professional-quality recording. But the premise is that your room decoration must meet certain acoustic requirements for recording, such as no background noise, no obvious echo, etc. If the above conditions are not met, please give up choosing a professional condenser microphone. If your room is not up to the standard and you have to choose a condenser microphone, please prepare another sum of money to decorate your room.

What are the options for home recording microphones?

(2) If you are recording voices (radio dramas, dubbing, podcasts...), you can choose special gun-shaped small-diaphragm condenser microphones for dubbing. They are generally super-directional and can easily record your voice but not easy to record. Background noise. However, their recording singing effect is slightly inferior to the above-mentioned large-diaphragm condenser microphones. The so-called inferiority here is that the sound does not have the specific beautification characteristics of large-diaphragm condenser microphones, but the microphones (small-diaphragm gun-type It is one of them.) It is necessary to keep the human voice dialogue as real, natural and close as possible in the specific frequency range, so they are more suitable for dubbing and recording. Of course, although this kind of microphone can avoid noise, it must always be noted that there is no echo in the room, which is still the killer of this kind of microphone.

(3) If the room conditions cannot meet the requirements of the acoustic environment mentioned earlier and you have the conditions to improve the room decoration, I suggest you choose a dynamic microphone. Dynamic microphones are much less sensitive to environmental noise and echo than condenser microphones. Under normal circumstances, I recommend that home users choose dynamic microphones for recording. After all, not all families can easily achieve suitable acoustic conditions for recording. The dynamic microphone is used well, and the sound quality is not bad at all.

(4) If you really don't have much money, you can use a headset. Some electret headsets have good sound quality. Of course, they are still a long way from professional quality, ha ha. But you are recording for fun, and it is not impossible to dig.
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