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The price of wooden speakers is soaring, is the effect so great?

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The choice of music and the sound quality are considered to be the key factors in the effectiveness of commercial store operations. Then we often see those millions of speakers at every turn, and most of the speakers are wooden cabinets.

Luxurious log workmanship and wooden cabinet speakers. As long as these words are added, the price of audio will soar up. There must be a reason for the price, so is the wooden cabinet good? Must be suitable for commercial space?

actually not.

Design audio, choose audio, not to say that the more expensive the better the quality. This kind of expensive is the best idea, not only a waste of money, but also completely unable to use value on the blade. Different speakers have their own specific functions and cannot be absolutely everything at the price.

You know, no matter how expensive the speaker is, it can't compare to the right speaker.

The price of wooden speakers is soaring, is the effect so great?

The focus of the existence of wooden cabinet speakers is appearance. The high density of the logs makes the sound more pure is just a gimmick, but the high-density carbon fiber basin can better meet the density requirements.

The use of wooden audio is nothing more than a strong texture, so that the audio presents a smooth and pleasing water pattern with poetic and artistic wavy patterns, etc. However, the appearance is not the pursuit of commercial space audio.

Commercial store audio, using high-density carbon fiber, bullet-proof woven basin, magnetic circuit design, coil, sound-absorbing cotton, peptide film, silk edge, etc. countless kinds of functions far beyond the log can bring, making the speaker a perfect configuration for commercial spaces , Excellent value for money, let the money spent get the ultimate effect.

What the commercial space needs is the function that the speakers can provide, hidden in an unknown corner to play a role, not the existence of a vase for viewing

The wooden box has its advantages, it is undeniable, but most of the speakers of this material are used in the home, and the left and right channels create stereo, similar to the effect of home theater. However, the commercial space needs professional mono speakers. , Use professional layout and dynamic sound to meet the uniformity and layering of spatial sound quality.
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