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The pits & thinking of Amazon's product selection

2021-01-29 520
Becoming Amazon is a process of constantly trying to select products and constantly trying to optimize listings to achieve the purpose of creating hot items.

Whether the product has sales and whether it can become a hot product depends on whether the product is on the right track. Currently, there are many channels for selecting products in the export e-commerce industry, but sellers often find it difficult to avoid the misunderstanding of product selection.

The pits of the selection may have the following:

1. Blindly follow the trend and choose the best sellers on the platform: such as Bluetooth headsets, mobile power supplies, these are not impossible, but for new sellers and small sellers, competition and incentive pressure are high, and there are too many uncontrollable factors;

2. The lazy image is easy, and the agency sales website is one-clicked: this situation is very much in the FBM non-sourced distribution mode in the mainland, and it is very busy and tiring to make money;

3. Lack of market analysis and competitive product research "only based on personal preference", and stubbornly stubborn: due to differences in Chinese and Western preferences, aesthetic differences, cultural barriers, differences in application scenarios, etc., there are insurmountable gaps, which often lead to product selection failure;

4. Blind pursuit of high quality: Although Amazon customers have relatively high requirements for product quality, if the seller blindly pursues high quality, it means high cost, and high cost means that the price must be high, and high price means no advantage And no sales;

5. Blind pursuit of differentiation: easy to lead to long operating cycles and increased risks, such as increased costs due to differences in functions, exclusive private models lead to high costs, slow progress, unstable quality, and quantity differentiation, resulting in higher costs. Differentiation and packaging differentiation will also lead to higher costs, etc.;

6. Blindly pursuing a big market: big-selling products are often dominated by big sellers, black and white take all, and competition is fierce. For new sellers and small sellers, there may not be room and opportunities for development, such as the "auspicious three treasures" of electronics;

7. Blind pursuit of unpopularity and low competition: Some sellers choose products that are too unpopular because they are afraid of competition. There is no search result, although there is no competition, but no search means no market;

8. Blindly pursuing novelty and strangeness: For new and strange products, my definition is to like them after seeing them, but there is no concept in my mind, and the shopping process of Amazon is often (or even only) through keyword search, which is novel and strange Because it’s difficult to define keywords, the products often fail to focus on users, and naturally they cannot create explosive models;

The pits & thinking of Amazon's product selection

The selection should be divided into two steps:

The first step is to cultivate good underlying thinking,

The second step is to summarize efficient and specific product selection methods based on the underlying thinking.
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