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Wooden speaker with both craftsmanship and sound quality

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Handwork is a craft. Inherit the craftsman spirit by hand and pay tribute to the artist with heart. The preciousness and artistic value of handmade products are most resonant in contemporary times. The designer uses natural wood as the material, coupled with the exquisite craftsmanship, which consumes a huge amount of time and energy to get rid of the cold feeling of assembly line production, only to present works with warmth.
Taken from wood, and used for wood, these wooden speakers have the authentic and simple temperament of wood. The warm wood exudes the mysterious atmosphere of nature, making the speakers simple and lovely. When the sound hits it, it emits thick and moving. The melody makes people more leisurely and intoxicated.

Nut Bluetooth Speaker

It looks like a cute nut. If you don't say it, no one knows that it is a speaker. The external USB interface can be directly plugged into a mobile phone or electronic device to use. Professional speaker components from Denmark, full bass, bright treble, and compact appearance, it is a mobile speaker that truly follows the music wherever you go.

Wooden speaker with both craftsmanship and sound quality

Phone holder speaker
Think about it, is there anything around that can be used for a lifetime? After a lifetime of definition of anything, does it feel romantic and gentle? This original mobile phone holder wooden audio is a lifetime audio, no need to consider the battery storage time, no need to consider the aging of the parts, just put the phone in the audio jack, and the wonderful music will flow out immediately.

Elvis Mini Speaker
Handwork brings temperature, and temperature has vitality. In the life of reinforced concrete, we really need to grasp some warmth, even some wood, some music. The designer Pude of this MAO KING MW log audio system uses natural logs and hand-polished designs. What he wants to design is not just a music communicator, but a lifestyle worth pursuing, a life Fortunately.

Bluetooth Speaker
Using a whole piece of precious wood, it is hollowed out, chiseled, polished, and made to retain the integrity and delicate texture of the log. There are traces of time flowing, and there is no sense of violation in any space. Bring high-quality, granular and charming subwoofer music.

Simple wireless audio
The avenue is simple, and the complexity belongs to the simplicity. Putting aside the complexity of design, it strengthens its design sense with "less" design. The highest level of less is more and abundance. This speaker is made of solid wood, and the speaker is made of brass dust-proof net. It has a strong sense of time. A busy life requires at least a spare afternoon. Let the time slow down and savor the sweet and tactful melody of the music penetrating the wood.

Retro bluetooth speaker
A speaker from Live&Salt. Its appearance is very simple, which is related to the designer's most simple and natural design. The cabinet is handmade from black walnut, and the traditional dovetail structure makes it more stable and firm. The double independent cabinets make the sound more natural and pleasing. , It looks like a small artwork, giving people a refreshing visual experience.

Magno radio
This Magno Radio has won the Design Museum's 2009 Design Award. The designer Singgih Susilo Kartono uses natural wood as the raw material and is hand-carved. It takes up to 16 hours to complete. The two colors are dark and light, retro and unique. It is not only a radio, but also a very good sound quality, the sound is emitted, if a real person is singing. Its most precious value lies in the environmental protection concept of "make a set of radios and plant a tree", which is awesome and admirable.
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