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AliExpress prohibits the sale of Sex Doll related products to the U.S.

2021-02-08 579
Hugo cross-border learned that AliExpress recently issued an announcement prohibiting sellers from selling Sex Doll related products to the United States. The original notice is as follows:

Dear AliExpress member,

Sex dolls are frequently exposed to risks such as pornographic public opinion in the US market. Based on external compliance and consumer experience protection, the platform will close the exposure and sales channels of sex doll-related categories in the US market from April 5, 2021, and related categories will do Following adjustment

1. Masturbators (male masturbation devices) will be renamed to Half sex doll (inverted models/famous devices). Please move to the Masturbation Cup category before March 15, 2021.

2. Starting from April 5, 2021, the platform will officially block and ban the sale of two categories of Sex Dolls and Half sex dolls in the United States.

AliExpress prohibits the sale of Sex Doll related products to the U.S.

Merchants are requested to prepare in advance, clear overseas warehouse inventory in time, and provide after-sales service for American buyers.

Publishing and selling any content related to child pornography or suspected of child pornography is a serious violation. The platform will increase its efforts to control and manage such violations. Once discovered, it will directly remove the illegal products and deduct points. Punishment.

Examples of violation information are as follows (including but not limited to):

1.child, kid, infant, underage, school girl, loli, Lolita, teenager, maiden, virgin and less than 17 years old, young girl, loli, and other words that directly express children and young people;

2. Use little, teen, baby, young, small, mini, minor, petty, minute and other words to describe girl or boy, implying the description of age;

For specific sex doll release specifications, please see: It is strictly forbidden to release adult products/sex toys suspected of underage children

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