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Amazon major attribute update! Comprehensively rectify this category

2021-02-08 490
Recently, Amazon issued an announcement in the background, saying that it will carry out a major reform of the size of clothing categories, and improve the shopping experience of customers by forcing the use of the same standardized size chart.

Before Amazon announced this change, various size information in the clothing category has always been freely editable, and sellers can upload various formats and standards at will to illustrate the size of their products. This has created a very bad shopping experience for shopping buyers. Maybe they just read the size standard of the previous one and habitually bring the size of the next one, and they will buy completely inconsistent clothing products.

Amazon major attribute update! Comprehensively rectify this category

Now, Amazon has launched a standardized size system, and all clothing products must select a value from this system as their size information when uploading. In this way, no matter which product the customer browses, it can bring a unified shopping experience, which greatly optimizes the link for customers to choose clothing.

In the new standardized size system, sellers need to select the size information for their products from several attributes such as "size standard", "category", "body type", "height", "size value" and "size value added". Try to be close to the actual size of the product.

Among them, the three attributes of "size standard", "category" and "size value" are required, while the others are conditionally required. In some sub-categories, these attributes will be specified separately. At the same time, there are clothing categories, and there may be other size standards that must be selected.

In this new system, sellers can only select a few values established by Amazon among the above product attributes, and can no longer fill in freely as before. This new policy will be officially implemented on February 22. When uploading new products or updating old products, the new size system is required. In addition, the old products will not be automatically updated to the new system, and some system errors may occur at that time, which may cause them to fail to display normally. I suggest that sellers update them in advance and do not drag them to the final deadline.

Amazon major attribute update! Comprehensively rectify this category

At the same time, Amazon has also prepared a new version of the size system filling guide, which can facilitate sellers to update products and quickly adapt to the new version of the system. Sellers who need it can download it directly from the background announcement, or scan the code to get it from me.

The unified size standard is too convenient for buyers, and a clear and unified size standard can effectively reduce the time for consumers to hesitate and compare products, so this update even increases the workload of some sellers It is also worth it.

In addition to the great benefits of the US station, an important event has recently occurred in the European station. The French station may have to check the tax number.

Amazon France tax check

Amazon recently issued a notice on the French site, saying that it had shared the seller's sales data last year with the French tax authorities at the end of January.

Because the French Anti-Fraud Act was officially implemented at the end of January, the Act requires sellers on e-commerce platforms to upload French VAT tax numbers or European VAT numbers in accordance with regulations. If Amazon, as the platform party, is not well regulated, it may lead to joint liability. So after this, Amazon will definitely increase the VAT screening in France. The French station will definitely be as strict as the current German station. It will be difficult to do without a tax number.

Amazon major attribute update! Comprehensively rectify this category

And the Anti-Fraud Act requires Amazon to share a lot of information with the tax bureau, including platform store name, company registered address, contact information, product link, type, etc., and even for overseas self-delivery sellers without VAT tax obligations, Amazon also needs to synchronize data To the tax bureau.

Therefore, self-delivery sellers must always pay attention to whether they have reached the threshold of remote sales (annual sales of 35,000 euros), and must prepare tax number and other materials in advance for review.
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