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How does Amazon novice Xiaobai ship?

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Ze Shui is here!

Today Ze Shui will talk about FBA and FBM.

Some friends often ask Zeshui:

"Zeshui, I am a new seller, is it suitable for FBA or FBM?"

"What are the advantages and disadvantages of FBA and FBM?"

"I'm selling other people's listings, can I send FBA?"

"How to operate the FBA backstage?"

"How does FBA charge? Is it expensive?"

Don't worry, Ze Shui will help you answer them one by one.

First, let's understand what FBA and FBM are. When it comes to Amazon shipping, there are generally two methods, one FBA and one FBM.

FBA refers to the delivery by Amazon

Send the products to Amazon's overseas warehouses in advance, and Amazon will help you resolve the packaging, delivery, return, and consultation after the order is issued. FBA service is not free, you need to pay Amazon storage fees and delivery fees.

FBM refers to the delivery by the seller

Only use Amazon as a sales platform. The seller is responsible for the inventory, packaging, distribution, and customers of the product.

Is it better for novice sellers to use FBA or FBM? Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of FBA and FBM.

Advantages of FBA:

Fast delivery speed, easy to seize the golden shopping cart, no need to worry about product storage and delivery, no need to worry about after-sales issues, good service, high conversion rate

Disadvantages of FBA:

The cost is high. Although you can track and replenish the goods, you can’t control the storage, picking, packaging, and transportation methods.

Advantages of FBM:

Can control the storage and transportation process, reduce costs, better control product packaging, and consolidate brand image.

Disadvantages of FBM:

It is not easy to grab a gold shopping cart and the transaction cycle is long.

In general, FBM has a small investment, no need to stock up, no warehouse, suitable for novice operation, accumulate experience, and pave the way for FBA in the future. FBA requires a large investment, requires warehouses and stockpiles, and it is difficult to operate without operating experience.

FBA fees

[Product commission] and [FBA storage fee]

How does Amazon novice Xiaobai ship?

Commissions are generally charged as a percentage, ranging from 15% to 26%. The FBA storage costs mainly include the following: If you are selling a standard size and the price is less than 299 dollars 1. Order processing fee (1 dollar per order) 2. Packing fee (1 dollar per item) 3. Weighing Heavy charges (0.37 dollars per pound) 4. Storage fees (from October to December, from 0.6 dollars per cubic foot, from January to September, from 0.45 dollars per cubic foot). If the price is more than 299 dollars, 1, 2, 3 are free, only storage fees are included .

Amazon FBA standard size segment shipping fee table:

FBA routine operation steps

1. Send goods to Amazon, that is, when FBA first-hand sellers do FBA, they are usually the only step that needs to be operated by themselves. Sending goods from their own warehouse to Amazon's warehouse requires operations such as labeling. 2. Amazon warehousing products arrive After the Amazon warehouse destination, the seller needs to register the product with Amazon and perform short-term storage in the Amazon warehouse. 3. Amazon picking and packaging When the seller receives the customer's order, Amazon will sort the seller's goods from the inventory according to the order and pack them, waiting for delivery. 4. Amazon delivery of goods Amazon will be responsible for the delivery of goods from the FBA warehouse, and finally will be responsible for the consumer's return/exchange activity requirements.

Zeshui taught novice sellers how to send FBA products. When you upload the product information, the system defaults to self-delivery.

Sellers can choose FBA mode when uploading product information. You can also click the small triangle behind the edit button in the seller's backend and select "Convert to Amazon Delivery".

Some common questions about FBA:

1. Domestic delivery is converted to FBA delivery, but there are too many products, more than one page, and it is impossible to select all at once.

You can select the products on the first page, after creating the FBA plan, return to the inventory, select the rest, and add to the created.

2. What should I do if I ship to FBA and use courier without a phone and consignee?

Generally, both the telephone and the consignee can write themselves.

3. How to pack the FBA products?

Just make sure that the FBA is not broken. Some companies need to be professional and put on bags with LOGO. If not professional.

4. When creating the FBA plan, the size and weight are incorrectly written and the fee preview is overrun. What should I do?

You can go to the back-end inventory, find the product, edit the product, and in More Details, pull the information about a package in the middle, and you can modify it normally.

5. Regarding the FBA tax. (Only the United States, Europe is stricter)

Some friends worry that they will be taxed for sending tens of kilograms or thousands of dollars. Please don't worry, there are indeed risks in this regard. But at present, very few will be taxed. Generally, goods under a few hundred kilograms can be ignored. In other words, there is no need to find some express logistics with prepaid tariffs or service fees.

6. Sending FBA is too heavy, will it be rejected? (Only the United States, Europe is stricter) There is no problem with a single piece under 50 pounds.

The total weight of a ticket is generally not limited, such as one hundred kilograms or several hundred kilograms. It's really too heavy. You can consult experienced people in various groups, or consult your investment manager.

7. The FBA plan is established, and the order is placed, but there are fewer or more rounds. Is there any problem?

Generally speaking, there is no problem with less hair. It’s okay to post a few more, but it’s best not to post too many.

8. What freight forwarder can I find for FBA?

Many people find certain large companies and need to prepay tariffs or charge non-refundable service fees. For the United States, this is an unnecessary waste of money. Just find any freight forwarder that can deliver express, treat FBA as a customer to deliver the goods, remember to put the address label on the outer box.

9. FBA label problem.

Many people do not know how to print product labels.

1. It can be printed out on A4 paper, cut with a paper cutter, and then glued on transparent tape.

2. You can print it out with self-adhesive A4 paper, cut it with a paper cutter, and stick it directly on the product because it is self-adhesive.

3. You can use self-adhesive A4 paper that has been cut one by one, so that you can print it out without cutting it, and you can stick it when you pull it out.

4. You can use a label printer, but you need to process the label before it can be used. You can also make your own label.

5. It can be printed with a thermal printer. After downloading the FBA product label, slice it with PS, and print it directly after pulling it into Word.

10. How to make FBA label?

In fact, it is enough to ensure that the label can be scanned, and there is no problem with drawing a superman next to the label.

If you send those FBA products fixedly, you can directly take a screenshot of the label, and then use PS to change the label to any size. You can also add Chinese SKU, save it to the computer, and print it out when needed.
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